Privacy Policy

Which country does the server belong to?
The organization behind the Helixcraft server is located in the Netherlands. We therefore adhere to Dutch law. The server hosting is spread across a number of European countries.

What do we collect from you?
The Helixcraft server has the following information for each player:

IP addresses where you log in;

Which other accounts log in to that IP address;

Your Minecraft accounts;

All chat logs;

All commands you execute

What you purchase in-game with, for example, XP or coins;

Your ban/mute/warn/kick history.

In principle, we do not process photos. You are responsible for which images and photos you upload to our systems. We can remove them upon request, but we do nothing with them substantively.

What is our retention period?
We are legally obliged to retain data for 10 years because our server is part of the provision of electronic and telecommunications services.

What is the procedure for exercising your right and what are the consequences?
Here too, we break it down into the different parts of the new law. For all parts, we only process requests where the applicant can confirm his or her identity through a copy of ID. Given the sensitivity of the information, this is necessary. After establishing the identity by means of a copy of the ID, we may ask for additional information if there is any doubt about the authenticity. The copy ID and the answers to additional questions will be destroyed immediately after the request has been processed. Never send your copy of your ID unsolicited, only do this at our request and clearly after consultation with us via email, not via any other means!! NB! You can only make requests for information that falls under personal data!
In addition: Do you want something with the data of purchases in the shop? Then create an account there, link your Minecraft account and then you can arrange your application here yourself. These matters will not be handled via the email address!

  1. Right to rectification and addition
    For example, is your (email) address no longer correct in our system? Then start this procedure and we will adjust it where necessary.
  2. Right to be forgotten
    You can request that we delete all your personal data. This does not delete any statistics or progress, as this is not personal data. A complete reset of your Minecraft account on Helixcraft is therefore not possible. It is also not possible to get out of a (permanent) ban! For example, you can ask very specifically whether we anonymize all your Forum posts.
  3. Right to data portability
    This procedure is the same as with the right of access. If you want us to transfer your data to another party, you must clearly indicate this in the request.

4.Right to restriction of processing
If you make this request, and you have shop purchases, for example, this will mean that things you have built up, such as lobby level, will have to be removed. It is not technically possible for us not to register from which IP address you log in with which account. We must be able to make the connection between our server and your game and this is necessary.

  1. Rights regarding automated decision-making and profiling
    We do not use systems for automated decision-making. Automatic bans by the server are not personal data, you can simply create a ban appeal on this Forum.
  2. Right to object
    For example, do you not want us to process your IP addresses? Then that is not technically possible, because otherwise you cannot access the server. If you start this procedure, we may have to block all traffic from your IP address. If you wish to exercise this right, we will of course cooperate, but this may mean that you can no longer use our services.