Welcome to the official Helixcraft webpage.

We are a unique Dutch-speaking all the mods 9 server. Furthermore, we have created a good starting area and enough resources in that starting area.

The Rules of the server


Grievances are not allowed and the follow-up to this is a 1-month ban

Hacks/cheats use

Hacking/cheating on the server is not allowed and may lead to a permban.

X-Ray use

Using X-Ray are not allowed and the follow-up to this is a 1-month ban

Members or staff Swearing/insulting

Swearing/insulting members or staff carries a 6-month ban.


Spamming is not allowed on the server or on our discord, for this you can receive a mute or kick as a sanction.

Advertising in general or about your server or webpage.

It is not allowed to promote yourself, for this you can receive a sanction of 2 weeks.

Joining of the server

To join the server you first have to install some things.

To do list install modpack/applications

  • Download Curseforge.
  • Download the all the mods 9 modpack
  • The latest version is (9-0.2.39)
  • Start the game and join the server

Ip address of the server:

Discord Link: Discord.gg/hNCvbqfHgX

Information about us.

The server was started at the end of 2023 and that was as a project.

That project went well and as a result people started thinking about making Helixcraft public.